Terms and Condition

We always impose the terms and conditions to give us the full authority to improve our rules and we do the process accordingly. It does not really matter if there are active members who are viewing our site; we can change what we need after our decision. Likewise, we only share and publish content but we do not assure their readability, accuracy as well as completeness.

We have no responsibility if there are revealed incorrect details, content or images during actual visits. The terms and conditions we have likewise remind all members or visitors that using the content or service we provide follow certain guidelines.

When a person finalize a choice to use an offered service, this person will be responsible in dealing with the possible issues and we are not liable for this matter. Because we are not liable for any loss/problem experienced by a users or member, the involved person must accept this fact. The available images, content and information are legitimate and adhering to the exact conditions that we implement online. Moreover, we strictly prevent those who want to reproduce or use content in illegal manner.

As owner of this website, we do not need any permission when we decide to change/remove any published content, image or information. All members and visitors must likewise understand our existing Privacy Policy to avoid any inconvenience when using our site. The available services we have are not permanent because we can cancel or terminate them as the legitimate owner of this website. Like what we detail on this guideline, a user or visitor who encounters any legal issue needs to face the consequences for not adhering to our conditions.

Upon visiting our website, we also share advertisement materials for interested members and visitors. These materials are available for the exact marketing purposes online. Because they exist on our site, we monitor the different web cookies that represent these advertisements. It is very important for all serving ads to understand our rules, which include checking all the referring cookies, especially if the access them originates from us.

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