There’s a ton of reasons why you may want to a reverse phone lookup. It could be something as simple as knowing someone’s phone number but not knowing their mailing address. On special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays this can be a useful way to find a persons address to send them a card. Of course, there are other reasons too including repeat prank callers or if you have suspicions about who is calling, particularly if it’s related to the possibility of a cheating partner. Regardless of the reason you can find these people by doing a reverse phone lookup…

There are quite a number of different services offering telephone number lookups to identify mystery callers. By performing a reverse phone lookup you can quickly and easily find any individual by their phone number alone. What you need to do is simply input the area code and the seven digit phone number. Once you’ve done this the number is run through a massive database often containing millions of records until it finds a match. Once the match is located all the rest of the individual details are displayed immediately on screen including name and address of the phone number you have entered.

If you try to use free services to do a reverse phone lookup, you just won’t get the desired results. The reason for this is very simple. If the number is originating from a cell phone of a caller that is not listed, then no results will be returned. This is because these types of numbers are just not in the databases that the free services have on offer.

There is a service that offers 100% guaranteed results when you are performing a reverse phone lookup. It will locate and display any type of phone number including those cell phone numbers you won’t find on offer with free services. This service simply outstrips its competition with the number of records it has in its database which means you are much more likely to find a match if you use it and you don’t get charged if there are no results.

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